CREATIVITY in web and print enables businesses to adapt, evolve, get ahead and prosper. True creativity that is seamlessly integrated across web, print and the emerging technologies gives a business even more of a cutting edge in the modern marketplace.

Lateral Line have the expertise, experience and energy that can help your business take full advantage of web, print, new media and more. Such is the depth and reach of our abilities, sharpened over many years with a diverse folio of clients, we can add value to the most demanding of campaigns.

How do we do it? We work hard to understand your market, your products and services, your customers, the differences that set your business apart and the challenges you face. We apply exceptional, tried and tested talent to the task. We deliver outstanding creative solutions in design, production and implementation.

Be warned: in search of the most effective answers, we often ask the most provocative questions. But the aim is always a stronger, more successful future for you and your business.

Our Services


Maybe you want to get a new business off the ground, make a new product fly, or simply sense it’s time for a make-over. Whatever the reason, you know that your business will accelerate faster when it looks its best. Lateral Line can empower you with our outstanding design experience, helping you to enhance your company’s corporate image, strengthening your brand, and boosting your services and products with exceptional visual communication.

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Web Development

Efficient, engaging, customer-friendly use of the web isn’t just an advantage in business – nowadays it’s also virtually indispensable. Lateral Line can help you unlock the most effective, most cost-efficient ways to exploit the web, from initial front-end code to ongoing content management. We will work with you to develop and deliver web applications that earn results and response, and enhance your brand at the same time.

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Strategic Planning

“Failing to plan is planning to fail,” the saying goes and it’s true. Simply by clarifying the aims, identifying the most effective communication approach and developing an achievable plan (sometimes a surprisingly ambitious plan, at that), Lateral Line’s strategic planning services have helped countless projects surpass their targets. Whether you seek to shift more product, generate leads, motivate staff, improve customer relations, or all of the above, Lateral Line can help you develop a successful, creative solution that matches your needs, your company profile and your budget.

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Could your website be working harder for you, not only in quantity but the quality of visitors? Our search engine optimisation service ensures your website generates relevant, targeted traffic through Google, Bing and numerous other search engines. Our end-to-end approach covers the many aspects of SEO, simplifying the process and delivering measurable results

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Social Media

Effective, imaginative use of social media is revolutionising business - especially when implemented by professionals. Lateral Line can develop online social media tools to help you engage with your chosen audience, uncover market insights, strengthen brand personality, build customer loyalty and boost revenue.

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Is print production turning into a tangle of techniques, timings and temper? Need someone to interpret your analytics statistics and start morphing them into strategies, campaigns and solutions? Do you have new recruits who need walked through your Content Management System?

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Video Production & Photography

The world is more visually led – and visually smart – than ever. Your videos have to be well made, engaging, to the point and worth a hit on the ‘like’ button.

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