We believe branding isn’t just a logo and what it looks like, it’s how the general public views and perceives your company.

It’s about how it works and the experience it creates.


Customers and others will have formed their own opinions on what you do and how you do it. And more often than not, in Lateral Line’s long experience, what you think of your brand is seldom what customers are thinking.

It is important always to be clear on how your brand is perceived in the marketplace. Otherwise, you are not in charge. Lateral Line has helped many companies to harness their brand more efficiently and effectively, and use the brand to reach more profitable territory.


The promise to the customer, for one thing. Plus the values, personality and tone of voice of the product or service that the brand represents.

A powerful asset for any business, a strong brand influences customers in their decision-making. Small wonder so many businesses seek objective, professional input when it comes to branding and rebranding. Nobody understands the potency of strong branding better than Lateral Line – a glance at some of the names on our client list shows we work for some of the most successful, savviest brands around.


The best organised brands have their values and personality instilled in every detail of the company. When you don’t infuse the brand’s requirements throughout every facet of the business, then you have inconsistency.

Total consistency enables maximum momentum in communicating what your brand is all about. Lateral Line can help you develop your brand across various media’s such as stationery, printed collateral, website, social media, e-mail, signage, uniforms, interiors, vehicle livery, copywriting and more. Lateral Line’s experience and imagination will ensure your brand performs at its best, all the time.


Whether it’s a more memorable logo design to go on a one-off commemorative sports shirt or a complete exhibition stand enhanced with interactive technology to suit an international audience, Lateral Line can design it, add value to it and make it happen.

By ‘design’ we mean:

  • The customer facing elements that people see, touch, hear, read and react to – printed collateral, touch-screens, direct mail, signage, packaging … you name it. In fact, we can help you name it too.
  • The processes that facilitate the efficient production, distribution and installation of the entire project.
  • The capacity for the work to readily adapt and reach out in new directions to fresh audiences in innovative ways.

Good design works hard and stands the test of time. Lateral Line have been around for decades and can put outstanding, cost-efficient expertise and talent to work on your next project.


Get in touch today and we’ll be happy to bring your ideas to life.